A Black Goo in Mexico That’s Actually Delicious

February 11, 2014

When I was presented this plate, my first thought wasn’t “oh hey, food!“.

What I was really thinking was “hmm, that’s kinda like that black tar monster from Star Trek!”.

I was half expecting the chicken filet to come alive, reach out from underneath and plead for its life, but no… this wasn’t a tar monster, but a mysterious and delicious Mexican specialty.

It’s a dish called Mole Negro and it is particularly famous in central Mexico and Oaxaca state. It’s a thick sauce made with chilis, almonds, cinamon, walnuts, chocolate, tomatoes and about two dozen other ingredients–and it’s the result of an arduous cooking process that can take a full day to complete.

The sauce is very complex and tasty, though it’s also quite rich. I’m not sure I would have it every day as it is very filling, but if you are in Oaxaca and you see mole negro (or one of the other mole variants) on the menu, it’s definitely something you should try!

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