Comparing travel insurance plans really isn’t much fun. Who wants to go through policy pages with endless terms and conditions?

And yet… getting a travel insurance plan is essential to having peace of mind when you travel. Not to mention knowing what’s in your policy is key. 

To save you time, I’ve taken a deep dive and come up with some easy-to-follow Heymondo reviews. From their standard policy to the premium plan, I’ve outlined the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

And for the purpose of variety, I’ve also provided in-depth reviews of two more fantastic insurers, SafetyWing and Insured Nomads. 

With this guide, you’ll be able to tick insurance off your travel checklist in confidence.

In this article   

Before you scroll forth, keep in mind that the prices mentioned below are only examples from the time that I queried these policies. The exact price of a policy may depend on your home country, age, or travel destination. I selected a trip of 30 days, but travel insurance can be for any trip length. 

There are even some policies that cater to traveling remote workers. But I’ll touch on this fully further down.

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Heymondo travel insurance reviews

Example cost: €139 or $152 for 30 days (premium plan)
Underwriter: AXA
Trustpilot rating: 4.5 stars

Heymondo standard travel insurance

Heymondo is the insurance provider I’ve been using myself since 2019, and it’s a travel insurance company I fully trust.

Since most of my experiences have been with Heymondo, I’ll be taking a deep dive into their offerings here first.

Not heard of Heymondo yet? They’ve been around since 2016, and they’re backed by AXA, the world’s second-largest insurance company.

I find that they offer clear policies without any deductibles. They also provide a streamlined app where you can manage your policy or submit requests. And they’re a bit more affordable than other options I’ve considered.

I’ve also found them to be a bit more digitally savvy than other insurers I’ve used, offering communication through an app and even through WhatsApp. Whenever I needed to know something, their customer service responded quickly.

While Covid-19 is no longer a major factor, it’s worth noting that Heymondo kept insuring for Covid-19 related issues during the pandemic, whereas many other insurers would not cover it.

What are you actually covered for with Heymondo? To help shed some light on Heymondo travel insurance policies, here’s a basic breakdown of what they cover:

  • Emergency Medical Assistance — This includes any medical expenses for accidental injury, sudden illness, and hospitalization costs. It also covers dental costs for sudden acute pains and extended lodging expenses due to illness.
  • Baggage — If someone steals or damages your luggage, you won’t be without clothes for long. With a quick claim on the app (and proof of loss or damage), you’ll be sorted in no time. Plus, they will cover the expenses for replacing a missing/stolen Visa or passport.
  • Travel Disruption — If your travel plans are delayed for reasons beyond your control, Heymondo will cover the basic expenses for meals and accommodation.
  • Trip Cancellation Coverage — If your trip is canceled or called short due to family hospitalization, then this will be covered. This doesn’t only include canceled trips, and they also offer coverage for a trip resumption. This is super helpful if you have to return to your country of residence due to illness or accident.
  • Other Assistance Coverage — If a natural disaster hits during your dream getaway, Heymondo will help cover the transportation costs.
  • Personal Liability — Heymondo covers private civil liability. In other words, if a third party submits compensation claims to you for damage or injury to a person, you will be covered. This is especially helpful if you intend on renting vehicles.
  • Accidental Death or Disability — Crossing fingers, nobody ever has to claim for this. But Heymondo also covers instances of permanent disability or death due to an accident during your trip.

Now, that’s a lot of things to be covered, but Heymondo also covers a few more things at an additional cost. This includes electronic equipment and adventure sports coverage.

And before you make up your mind, no Heymondo travel insurance review would be complete without a pros and cons list:

Value for money
If you’re from Europe, then Heymondo may cost a bit less than other insurers. If you’re from the United States, then Heymondo may actually be significantly cheaper. For example, a 30-day plan with Heymondo will be around $152 (Premium Plan) versus ~ $421 with World Nomads (Explorer Plan).

Easy to use app
The Heymondo app lets you easily manage your policy, make claims, and get 24/7 travel assistance. This is a lot nicer than using clunky web forms or printing out PDFs, which is sadly still the standard practice for most travel insurance providers.

No copayments, deductibles, or excess
This means you aren’t expected to cover some of the expenses before the insurance starts to pay.

Tailored policies
Different plans are available for individual trips, long-term travel, or annual coverage (which has a 60-day maximum individual trip length).

Could have more activities covered by default
Heymondo covers basic sports and activities like riding a motorbike, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and surfing. However, other activities such as scuba diving, caving, hang gliding, mountain biking, quad biking, or trekking require paying a supplement.

Heymondo premium travel insurance

Now, if you’re looking for a little bit more reassurance, Heymondo Premium may just be the way to go. It is only 15-20% more than the Heymondo Top and Heymondo Medical policies, but the coverage is a lot more extensive.

Here’s a quick look at what you can expect to get from Heymondo Premium compared to Heymondo Top:

Coverage Heymondo Top Heymondo Premium
Emergency Medical Assistance $5,000,000 USD $10,000,000 USD
Baggage $1,700 USD $2,500 USD
Travel Disruption $450 USD $1,500 USD
Trip Cancellation Coverage $3,500 USD $7,000 USD
Other Assistance Coverage $1,250 USD $10,000 USD
Personal Liability $60,000 USD $60,000 USD
Accidental Death or Disability $10,000 USD $60,000 USD
Electronic Optional  Optional
Adventure Sports Optional Optional
Cruise Not covered Optional
Rental Car Excess Not covered $500 USD

Keep in mind that these amounts are in line with a 30-day quote and may increase or decrease accordingly.

As you can see, the coverage you get for the price you pay on the premium plan is extremely beneficial. The medical emergency coverage is especially eye-watering. 

Obviously, no one wants to be in a situation where they need to claim for expenses of this magnitude. But there’s no denying the level of reassurance that a great policy such as this can offer.

Heymondo annual multi-trip insurance

If you travel a lot, consider the Heymondo Annual Multi-Trip package. It covers you year-round for trips up to 60 days. If you do many trips not longer than 2 months, then it can be much cheaper to get the annual insurance than insuring them one by one. 

This option’s cost-effective nature is even better as it has a very similar policy to the premium plan. When I put in a query for the Heymondo Annual Multi-Trip, the offer was in the region of €211 or $231 for the entire year. 

That’s a huge saving. I’d highly recommend this policy if you’re a digital nomad looking to travel the world worry-free

Heymondo insurance for long stays 

If your trip is longer than 60 days and doesn’t qualify for the annual policy, you can look at Heymondo Long Stay Insurance. This option comes in a set 90-day policy with a renewable option if you are staying for a longer period. 

The aspects covered by this insurance option are more in line with the Heymondo Top package, though. Despite the slight decrease in overall coverage, I found the price for this policy to be around €235 or $257 for 90 days. 

That’s a pretty good deal, and you can always purchase insurance for a further period between 30 and 240 days if need be. This is a fantastic deal if you’re a remote worker looking to live in a particular country for a while.

Other insurers to consider

Beyond a detailed Heymondo insurance review, there are two other fantastic insurers worth considering. These are SafetyWing and Insured Nomad, both of which offer extremely affordable prices.

SafetyWing review

Example cost: €41 or $45 for 30 days
(for ages under 40; cost rises with age)
Underwriter: Tokio Marine
Trustpilot rating: 4.2 stars

SafetyWing is mainly targeted at digital nomads needing ongoing insurance, though they can also be an interesting option for backpackers and long-term travelers.

SafetyWing is mainly targeted at digital nomads needing ongoing insurance, though they can also be an interesting option for backpackers and long-term travelers.

The policies of SafetyWing are generally cheaper than typical travel insurance policies, especially if you’re young, as the cost scales with age. However, they are also more limited in several respects. This doesn’t mean SafetyWing is worse or better. It just means it’s specialized in a different way towards digital nomads or similar types of travelers. 

Better yet, SafetyWing also provides Health Insurance policies for remote teams. This can be very handy and affordable if you’re the owner of a small business with team members from around the world. These policies start around €73 or $80 per person per month, with no deductibles. 

This option isn’t ideal for individual nomads and travelers, but it is a great option for independent business owners.

Here are the most notable pros and cons associated with SafetyWings policies:

Subscription-based insurance for nomads
While you can use it for single-trip insurance, by default, SafetyWing works on a month-to-month basis. It’s tailored to digital nomads and remote workers who travel year-round or for extended periods. The plans are designed for ongoing coverage.

Home country coverage
After being abroad for 90 days, you can keep using medical coverage for up to 30 days in your country of residence if something happens while you’re there. This rare feature is ideal for nomads making occasional home visits. Travel insurance normally does not include this, so it’s something that SafetyWing has added.

Cheaper if you’re young
The standard policy is just €41 or $45 per month if you’re under 40. But this goes up to €67 or $73 for ages 40-49, €105 or $115 for ages 50-59, and €144 or $157 for ages 60-69.

Deductibles & lower maximums
With such low prices, the coverages are lower. There is a total maximum of $250,000 for medical expenses, while Heymondo or Insured Nomads provide up to millions in coverage. There is also a $250 deductible. This means in the case of any incident, you’ll have to pay out of pocket up to $250 before SafetyWing will start compensating you.

SafetyWing is a great option, though the trade-off is that you’ll be accepting some lower coverage (especially compared to Heymondo) in return for lower costs. Considering the $250 deductible, you can think of SafetyWing as being more focused on big unexpected expenses or situations and less on covering small issues you can pay for yourself. 

If you’re looking for travel insurance on a budget or for travel insurance that works well if you’re traveling continuously, then SafetyWing is definitely worth considering.


Insured Nomads review

Example cost: €163 or $177 for 30 days ($500 deductible, $250,000 medical benefits, age 40)
€217 or $236 for 30 days ($0 deductible, $250,000 medical benefits, age 40)
Underwriter: HDI (Hannover Specialty)
Trustpilot rating: 4.2 stars

I am yet to have a personal experience with Insured Nomads, but I think it’s useful to mention them as they have some different characteristics from the insurers mentioned above. Most importantly, they will cover older travelers that insurers such as Heymondo will exclude. 

The key difference in their offering is that Insured Nomads supports older travelers (e.g., 65 or 70+). An issue faced by older travelers is that many other insurers exclude them from their policies, but not Insured Nomads. Older travelers do need to pay extra — and it can be quite significant so based on the specific age — but they do have the option.

Insured Nomads also lets you choose the level of your deductible. In other words, the amount you will pay before they will start to pay. Options range from $0 to $500, and a higher deductible will result in a lower policy price. 

They also give the opportunity to choose the benefits of travel medical insurance, ranging from $250,000 to $2,000,000. As you can imagine, the prices increase based on the amount of medical payouts you wish to receive.

You also have the opportunity to add additional benefits, including adventure sports and marine activities. Just bare in mind that adventure sports add a significant cost.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the top pros and cons associated with Insured Nomad’s policies:

No age limit for travelers 
Older travelers can be insured with Insured Nomads. The cost of the policy is age-dependent.

Choose your own deductible (excess)
It’s possible to save money on the policy cost by choosing a higher deductible. Insured Nomads leaves this up to the customer to decide.

Several additional benefits
Insured Nomads has packed in a few extras such as mental health support, airport lounge access in cases of delay, 30-day free VPN use to protect your internet connection abroad, and a GPS-based SOS/panic button response.

Support for incidental trips home
Like SafetyWing, Insured Nomads let you return home while traveling while maintaining coverage — for up to 15 days per 90 days of coverage. This is ideal for digital nomads or long-term travelers still wanting to include e.g. family visits in their travel plans.

Adventure sports are not included by default
Activities such as canyoning, caving, paragliding, scuba-diving, etc. are not covered in the standard World Explorer policy but require paying an extra. 

Insured Nomads also offer annual multi-trip plans and group travel benefits. But probably the most notable new feature they’ve added is warzone coverage. This is an especially helpful policy for humanitarian workers and news reporters in war-stricken countries.


A note about insurance reviews

I’ve briefly summarized the pros and cons of these travel insurers here, but you should always read the fine print and understand what your insurance does and doesn’t cover.

Something to keep in mind regarding customer reviews of travel insurance is that they are complicated by two things:

  1. The true quality of an insurer only becomes clear when you need to make a claim, which (fortunately) doesn’t happen often, and…
  2. Reviews often have a negative bias because many people simply don’t read their policies 

This last point is pretty important! I’ve had people reach out through DMs or email a couple of times with concerns after a claim was rejected. What turns out to be usually the case is that they simply had the wrong expectations regarding coverage.

For example, the term “valuables” in a policy may be quite narrowly defined and exclude certain items such as laptops. That’s maybe not what you’d expect if you quickly skim a document and see the word “valuables.” Legal definitions can be different from what your common sense might tell you. I’ve seen reputable insurers being labeled a ‘scam’ in travel forums based on such misunderstandings.

That’s why it’s definitely a good idea to look carefully at what the insurer actually is and isn’t obligated to cover. Of course, if there are indications an insurer is shirking their responsibilities, I will stop referring to them!

Tips for using travel insurance

Keep in mind that travel insurance policies are intended for emergency medical coverage abroad, so they don’t cover preexisting conditions, and they (normally) don’t cover medical issues at home. Only SafetyWing and Insured Nomads offer a rare exception on this, as detailed above.

When it comes to theft coverage, know that you’ll need proper documentation to make any claim, which often includes a police report. You typically can’t claim anything for situations where you left your belongings unguarded or unlocked (i.e., where it was your fault).

Check if your policy includes coverage for electronics, as this is sometimes a separate add-on. Coverage for accidents during extreme sports (e.g., snowboarding) may be a separate add-on as well.

All three insurers featured here will let you buy insurance while you’re already traveling or extend/renew a policy while you’re on the road.

Frequently searched questions

Is Heymondo legit?

Yes, Heymondo is a legit travel insurance company that provides plans with great coverage. It has existed since 2016 and is backed by AXA, one of the world’s largest insurers.

Who owns Heymondo?

Heymondo is a brand of Smart Insurance Correduría De Seguros, S.L.

Is Heymondo or Safetywing better?

Heymondo is more suited to holidays or specific trips as the coverage is more extensive. Safetywing is better for long-term travel insurance for digital nomads, expats, or remote workers.

Does Heymondo have an age limit?

Yes, Heymondo travel insurance is only available to travelers up to 69 years old.

Final thoughts on Heymondo vs. SafetyWing vs. Insured Nomads

So there you have it, an extensive look into three fantastic travel insurance options. My Heymondo insurance reviews are fairly extensive, primarily because they are the insurer I’ve had the most experience with.

As for the question of which insurer to use, it really depends on your preference and which policy best suits your needs and budget. 

If you’re looking for more travel tips, have a look at my guide on how to stay connected while abroad.

The links in this post are affiliate links, which may give me a small commission. However, I set out to give an objective review based on my own use, research, and word from the travel community.

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