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I’ve always loved to travel, but in 2012 everything just went into overdrive.

I thought I was going to Thailand for a 2 month trip. I was wrong. That may have been the original idea, but things kind of escalated: I ended up travelling around the world for 2 years straight.

The impetus for going to Thailand was that I had lost my cushy video game industry job in London. It was the third job in a row that slipped through my fingers due to corporate strategic shifts or cancelled projects. I was feeling bitter and lost.

I arrived in Bangkok thinking I’d be emailing recruiters and updating my CV while chilling on a beach somewhere. That didn’t happen. I never even opened my CV.

Instead, I got sucked into the world of travel. Thailand got me hooked, and then I simply couldn’t stop. I was having the time of my life.

First I travelled through every country in Southeast Asia for 9 months, then I ended up in Mexico and gradually (in one year) made my way down overland all the way to Argentina.

Since completing that epic journey I’ve gone back to having a fixed base again, but not without continuing to go on many trips around the world (some shorter, some lasting multiple months).

To me travel isn’t just about relaxing or being on a holiday; it’s also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. It means trying new food, experiencing other cultures, and doing silly things sometimes. At its best, travel lets you view the world with a sense of awe and wonder.

Travel let me redisocover who I truly am and helped me better understand the world I live in. (It’s also been a lot of stupid fun.)

On Indie Traveller I hope to encourage others to travel more and to travel independently, by sharing real stories and honest advice. Too much travel information gets glorified by ‘gurus’ or travel guides trying too hard to sell a destination – instead I want to try and give you a genuine personal perspective.

Be sure to check out my travel tips, read about some of my adventures, or use my destination guides. I also authored a book titled Travel the World Without Worries—out as eBook and on paperback.

I’m from The Netherlands (hoi!), and when I’m not exploring caves in Thailand or eating guinea pig in Peru, you can probably find me living somewhere in the UK. Actually, I’m now based in lovely Lisbon in Portugal, from where I’m working on Indie Traveller full-time.

Good luck on your travels, and thanks for stopping by!

– Marek

P.S. I earn an income with Indie Traveller through sales of my book and affiliate advertising. I never run so-called ‘native ads’ or undisclosed partnerships. I explain this here.

Facts About My Travels

Transportation used: propellor plane, tuk-tuk, taxi, banka, jeepney, mule, horse, quad bike, bus, bicycle, tricycle, speedboat, catamaran and hot air balloon.

Crazy things eaten: Guinea pig, chicken claws, giant fat ants, but mostly just delicious local cuisines

Drinks had: a Pisco Sour in Pisco, a Singapore Sling in Singapore, a Manhattan in Manhattan and Tequilas in the Mexican town of Tequila.

Best local experiences: accidentally crashing a wedding in Laos, getting invited by Filipinos for dinner in their bamboo hut house, and watching the football world cup with Argentinians at someone’s house in Cordoba (but the game was really just their excuse to have an insane BBQ lasting for 12 hours… Argentinians truly love meat).

Festivals and events: Went to Day of the Dead in Mexico, carnaval in Barranquila (the biggest after Rio), and celebrated Christmas in Vietnam (amazing! so much fake snow!) and in Guatemala (where the town’s xmas tree was guarded by a security dude with a shotgun to prevent the ornaments from getting stolen). I celebrated New Year’s in Cambodia and Guatemala, and had my birthday at the Half Moon Party in Thailand.

Animals encountered: tarsiers, countless apes, giant snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, sloths, coati bears, elephants, crocodiles, sea turtles, thresher sharks, reef sharks, sea snakes, and one or two party animals.

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