I'm Marek Bron

I’ve always loved to travel, but way back in 2012 everything just went into overdrive.

I’ve started vlogging! You can now also follow my adventures on YouTube.

I thought I was going to Thailand for a 2-month trip. I was wrong. Things kind of escalated. Instead, I ended up travelling all around the world for 2 years. After being fully nomadic I went back to having a homebase again, though I’ve been a travel addict ever since.

I went to Thailand feeling frustrated with my life. I had just lost my job working in the video game industry in London. Many thought I had a dream job (“wow, I bet you play games all day!”), but to be honest, it was just endless meetings and corporate politics with nothing to show for it. I had lost three jobs in a row due to layoffs or corporate strategic shifts.

I arrived in Bangkok thinking I’d maybe take this time to figure out my next steps… perhaps emailing some recruiters and updating my CV while chilling on a beach somewhere. But I was fed up with it all. I never even opened my CV.

Instead, I got sucked into the world of travel. Thailand got me hooked, and then I simply couldn’t stop.

I travelled all around Southeast Asia for nearly one year, and then from Mexico to Argentina in another. I burned through all my savings, but it was 100% worth it — in fact, it was the most epic, most fun, and the most fulfilling thing I’d ever done.

You see, to me travel isn’t just about relaxing or being on a holiday; it’s also about venturing out into the unknown, following your own path, and pushing beyond your comfort zone. It means trying new food, experiencing other cultures, and doing silly things sometimes. At its best, travel lets you view the world with a sense of awe and wonder.

It probably sounds cheesy, but travel let me rediscover who I am. And it helped me better understand the world I live in.

Let’s be honest, it’s also been a lot of stupid fun!

These days, I continue to be a part-time nomad, traveling for part of the year while working as a blogger full-time. With this blog, I hope to encourage others to travel more and to travel independently, by sharing real stories and honest advice.

You can dive in by checking out my best travel tips. And don’t miss my 91 Weird & Wonderful Lessons From Traveling the World, which will give you a sense of what truly drives me to travel — and may just inspire you to go on an epic trip too.

I’m from The Netherlands (hoi!) and my mum is Polish (hence my first name). When I’m not exploring caves in Thailand or eating guinea pig in Peru, you can probably find me working from a park or cafe in beautiful sunny Lisbon, where I’ve put my new homebase.

Good luck on your travels, and thanks for stopping by!

– Marek

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