Destination: Southeast Asia

Known for its tasty cuisine, tropical beaches, and low prices, Southeast Asia has long been a holiday and backpacking favorite


A high-tech city-state with legendary food centres, unique urban gardens, and a vibrant nightlife

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There’s so much more to Cambodia than just the temples of Angkor Wat, as these travel tips and guides will show you

7 Articles


A classic Asia destination with buzzing metropolises, dramatic karst mountain landscapes, and the world’s biggest caves

15 Articles


The land of a thousand smiles is the ultimate starter country in Southeast Asia — and has truly something for everyone

20 Articles


With its Buddhist calm and awe-inspiring nature, sleepy Laos is truly made for explorers

11 Articles


A huge archipelago stretching as wide as the USA, Indonesia is so much more than just Bali’s beaches

10 Articles


This vibrant archipelago with more than 7,000 islands to explore might well be the most underrated destination in Southeast Asia

16 Articles


Only recently opened up to the world, Myanmar remains a little-visited corner of Asia

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Tamer than Thailand and not nearly as trampled, Malaysia is home to diverse cultures and cuisines — and is gateway to Borneo’s jungles

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