Destination: Europe

The world’s most-visited continent has millennia of history and culture to dig into.


An underrated gem in Western Europe, Portugal will easily win you over with its history, charm, and amazing islands

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Home to diverse regions and cultures, each corner of Spain has something different in store

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There is more to this eternal travel favorite than just Rome and Venice…

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Bridging the Mediterranean and the Balkans, Croatia lets you hop between dozens of islands

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Once isolated from the world and still overlooked, Albania offers some of the most fun (and budget-friendly) adventures in Europe

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From soulful Sarajevo to medieval Mostar, underrated Bosnia-Herzegovina has many surprises in store

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Quirky architecture, cave monasteries, epic Caucasus peaks and Soviet heritage make this underexplored country a must-visit

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An offbeat European destination that, like the Dracula it inspired, you can truly sink your teeth into

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Baltic States

Explore the Baltic States of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, each bursting with history and charm

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