The ultimate guide to Planning an epic adventure

Planning a big trip abroad can be an overwhelming task. Travel the World Without Worries makes it easy with in-depth advice that helps you quickly plan, pack and prepare—so that you can travel anywhere with confidence.

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Marek Bron

Indie Traveller

Any of this sound familiar?

Would you love to travel further and longer — but you can’t ever find the time or money, or you feel like something is holding you back?

Or are you planning a trip, but suddenly find yourself having a hundred things to research, plan, or worry about, making you wonder just what you got yourself into?

Or do you want your next trip to finally be a REAL adventure filled with local experiences, where you go truly off the beaten track, and make new friends all over the world?

Then this book is for you!

I’ll guide and inspire you in a step-by-step way, sharing my hard-won advice that will prepare you for anything on the road. I’ve been travelling for over 10 years — and I can help you out!

What readers are saying

“Inspirational, comprehensive, open-minded, super informative and funny!"


“One of the best pre trip purchases I made. The writing style makes it feel like you are chatting to a friend giving you words of wisdom.”

Thomas E., Amazon UK

“I plowed through your book in one sitting. It destroyed my Saturday! I’m planning my first six-week trip to South-East Asia and I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. ”

Rob from the United States

“I thought I knew it all before I read this book but it’s helped me so much in my journey. Don’t think about it, just get it!”

Amazon reviewer

“This is to date the single most helpful piece of writing I have read regarding travel. I have read it thrice now, and still every page makes me want to leave right this instance!”

Ketill from Iceland

"A phenomenal guide, written by a smart and experienced traveler who wants nothing more than to help and advise other would-be travelers. Great content, amazing value."

Amazon customer

“I had a vague notion that maybe going to SE Asia some day could be fun. My sister lent me the book, I read it in one day, and booked my flight to Bangkok the next morning.”

Steven, Buffalo, NY

“WARNING: May induce extreme desire to travel! Best travel book I have read. Inspirational and specifically instructive."

Amazon customer

“I loved this book. I’ve highlighted so many paragraphs, websites and tips. He understands rookie travellers and their fears and puts them at ease so effectively.”

R. Stuuts on Amazon

“Packed full of information, every single eventuality is covered. I love Marek’s style of writing: he made even the boring topics fun to read with his witty ways.”


“Anecdotes of Marek’s own experiences add a personal dimension, which creates this 'wise friend' feeling. The book obliterates your fears and struggles and turns them into pure excitement.”

Amazon UK customer

“Put simply, this book is the reason why I left for a 2-month trip with a 10kg backpack.”

Massimiliano on GoodReads

“Amazingly helpful, a definite buy. Gives you so many tips, from before planning your trip to opening yourself up for the next adventure. This book is legit. ”


“I now feel much more confident in my ability to 'Travel the World Without Worries'. Very aptly named book, 5/5 would recommend.”

Amazon Customer

“After announcing my intentions to travel, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d be doing this on my own and slight panic set in! This book has put my mind completely at rest.”

Amazon UK Customer Review

“The single most helpful resource for planning our upcoming Round the World trip. Fun to read and extremely helpful.”

Rachel at Amazon

“A clear, easy read. It put me at ease about travelling, rather than throwing my head and stomach into turmoil like a few other travel books I’ve read have.”

Giorga on GoodReads

“Informative, funny and above all, inspiring. Bought my ticket to Thailand a few hours after I finished the last page.”

Floyd from USA

"Humerous, informative and very interesting! I'd imagine people who have already done some travelling will also find this relatable."

Amazon customer


What will I learn from this book?

This book will give you the confidence to travel anywhere and be sure that you'll have an amazing time. Whether it's planning a backpacking trip or career break, or a shorter trip to parts unknown, by the time you turn the final page you'll know that you've really got this.

I'll unpack the many challenges and uncertainties that all travelers face, then reveal the secrets to finding adventure no matter how or where you travel. Above all, this in-depth guide will lay to rest all the little worries you may have before a trip — and turn them into pure excitement.

Okay, but what will I REALLY learn?

More concretely, I will also help you with every practical step of planning your trip, from deciding you want to travel to the moment you get on board.

You’ll learn how to create a realistic travel plan, save money for your trip (and budget the right way), how to pack lighter and smarter, always stay safe, healthy, and happy on the road, meet people anywhere, keep your spirits up when plans inevitably go awry, and make the most of your time on your next adventure.

What type of travel does this cover?

The book is really for anyone wanting to jump into traveling. That could mean going on a longer backpacking or round-the-world trip, but equally this book will be highly valuable for shorter adventurous trips.

Why should I take your advice?

I've traveled all over the world and lived to tell the tale! I've wandered all over Southeast Asia, backpacked the Gringo Trail from Mexico all the way to Argentina in a year, explored every corner of Europe, traveled round-the-world (hopping between continents), and more. I'll tell you about the crazy highs and lows I've been through and share with you my most hard-won advice.

Is this book different from your blog?

Yes! Writing the book has been a totally separate project to my blog. It may cover a few similar topics here and there, but the book puts it all together in a way that only a proper book can.

Besides practical tips, I also go into the deeply personal aspects based on my years traveling around the world. I guarantee you that when you reach the final chapter, you'll feel fully inspired, prepared, and free of worries before you go off on your next trip.

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Topics Covered

What social media doesn’t tell you about real travel

Getting over your fears and getting inspired

How to really get the $$$ to travel

The truth about trip planning & improvisation

Money saving methods (that actually work!)

How to pack like a pro and travel light

The non-naive guide to staying safe

The ultimate travel insurance explainer

Travel health & surviving abroad

Meeting people & unlocking the local culture

Travelling solo (without getting lonely)

Coming back home