The Ultimate Guide to Planning an Epic Adventure

Planning a big trip abroad can be an overwhelming task. Travel the World Without Worries makes it easy with in-depth advice that helps you quickly plan, pack and prepare—so that you can travel anywhere with confidence. Filled with expert tips and cautionary tales, this book will help get you there… whether you’re going away for 3 weeks, 6 months, or 1 year.

272 pages · expanded 2nd edition
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What readers are saying

This book has already helped over 1000 travelers prepare for their trips. Here are some of their real reviews:

“Earlier this week I had a vague notion that maybe going to SE Asia some day could be fun, in a hypothetical sense. My sister lent me your book, I read it in one day, and booked my flight to Bangkok the next morning. Loved your book. Thank you.”
Steven, Buffalo, NY

“I loved this book. I’ve hi-lited so many paragraphs, web sites and tips. The style of writing is first class. Everything I wanted to know about long trips is covered in this book. He understands rookie travellers and their fears and puts them at ease so effectively.”
R. Stuuts on Amazon

“Great tips for every traveller, sensibly and amusingly written! This book was certainly one of my best pre-trip purchases because the name says it all. It does not claim to be an absolute code of conduct or bible, but rather it gives the impression of some advice of a good old friend who shares his experience. It addresses all the different levels of travel, from how to pack my bag via finances and life commitments to the emotional hardships of travelling. Shares tricks and answers questions you might never even have thought about.
Amazon UK customer

“Anecdotes of Marek’s own experiences add a personal dimension, which creates this “wise friend” feeling. You can easily identify and you regularly have the “I know exactly what you’re talkin’ ’bout, mate” feeling, so your plans become less scary and surreal. It’s all about understanding for what’s going on in your guts when you plan a trip and the comfort you gain from this book.
Also a great comfort for parents. I’m nineteen and my parents are somewhat more anxious about my plans than me. Them seeing me prepare properly and reading this book, as well as sharing some of its knowledge makes them sleep a little better. It obliterates your fears and struggles and turns them into pure excitement, while being amusing and easy to read.”
Amazon UK customer

“After announcing my intentions to travel to friends and family, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d be doing this on my own and that’s when slight panic set in! This book has put my mind completely at rest. It’s given me the confidence to just go for it! ”
Amazon UK Customer Review

“My husband and I found this book to be the single most helpful resource for planning our upcoming Round the World trip. Fun to read and extremely helpful.”
Rachel LaFond-Widmer on Amazon

“I read this before backpacking to Asia as a solo female. It helped make me feel prepared and calmed my fears. I have found it to be very true and useful after having been out here traveling.”
Kristin Foss on Amazon

“I plowed through your book in one sitting. It destroyed my Saturday! I’m planning my first six-week trip to South-East Asia in the coming summer, and I enjoyed the book more than I thought I would. Excellent work, very insightful.”
Rob from the United States

This is an inspirational guide to anyone jumping into the deep end of travel. It doesn’t leave any stone unturned. Highly recommended.”
Nathan on

“Well written and very easy to read. Avoids patronising lists and focuses on the realities. ”
Paul Smyth on Amazon UK

“I’ve read several books and blogs about backpacking and I have to say that this is the best. It gives excellent advice on how to make the most out of every experience. If you are going to read one book about backpacking/traveling, make sure it’s this one.”
Francisco on Amazon

One of the best pre trip purchases I made. The writing style makes it feel like you are chatting to a friend giving you some words of wisdom. The chapters are thoughtfully laid out in a chronological order of suggested travel preparations, tips for the trip itself and returning home. Many things I would not have even considered had I not read the book.”
Thomas E., Amazon UK

This is to date the single most helpful piece of writing I have read regarding travel. I have read it thrice now, and still every page makes me want to leave right this instance! I rarely ever felt like I was reading a book, it rather felt like having a conversation with the author at a cafe. Every chapter deals with a certain aspect of travel and is well outlined. Now that I have read the book I will personally recommend it to any and all who want to travel our wonderful blue planet for something more than a vacation!”
Ketill Antoníus Ágústsson from Iceland

WARNING: May induce extreme desire to travel! Best travel book I have read. Inspirational and specifically instructive. Other travel books can speak in generals but this one has taught me so much that I truly feel prepared for a long international trip. Would recommend to any prospective world traveler”
Amazon customer

“Put simply, this book is the reason why I left for a 2-month trip with a 10kg backpack. Thanks for the great advice, Marek!”
Massimiliano on GoodReads

“Amazingly helpful, a definite buy. Gives you so many tips, from before planning your trip to opening yourself up for the next adventure. This book is legit. Helped me greatly planning my trip.”

Inspirational, comprehensive, open-minded, super informative and even funny! I really enjoyed reading this book and found it very inspiring.”

“Very thorough and practical guide to help you plan and execute your trip. I am planning my first trip to SE Asia and was a little overwhelmed at first, not knowing where to start. This book takes you step by step through the planning stages, addressing many of the issues that I was worrying about and many that I had not considered. I will undoubtedly reference it again many times during my trip. After reading this book, I have many helpful resources for further research and feel much more confident in my ability to “Travel the World Without Worries”. Very aptly named book, 5/5 would recommend.”
Amazon Customer

“Read this and get pumped to hit the road. I’m planning my first trip and this book made me feel more confident that I’m not forgetting anything major. I think I’ll be able to avoid some unpleasantness.”
Jesse G.

“I haven’t read a lot of guide books in my life, but this… answers a lot of question that I didn’t even know I had to ask. I definitely recommend it, as its advices are very useful, like all the websites and their different services. Go on!!!”

“Just finished reading this book, I am planning on doing a solo trip in 2019 and is my first doing such a long time away and this book was incredibly useful. Has given me a lot of stuff to think about (mostly which should be common sense, but isn’t until you see it written down!). I will no doubt be coming back to this book time and time again when building more of an itinerary of my trip. It’s an easy read without being condescending, and is a worthwhile read for anyone who is planning a month or longer out in this marvellous great big world of ours!”

“Great advice for travelling, particularly long term or on a budget. It’s given me the confidence to go out on my own. I love the advice on what you should AND SHOULDN’T book in advance for long term travel, very useful starting point for any destination.”
Amazon customer

“I bought this book before setting off on 6 months of travel around the world and it was one of the best pre trip purchases I made! I echo the views of previous reviews in that the authors writing style makes it feel more like you are chatting to a friend who is giving you a few words of wisdom about travelling rather than reading a book. The chapters are thoughtfully laid out in a chronological order of suggested travel preparations, tips for the trip itself and returning home. There were a lot of useful suggestions on a wide range of subjects, many of which I would not have even considered had I not read the book.
Thomas E

“A clear, easy read. It put me at ease about travelling, rather than throwing my head and stomach into turmoil like a few other travel books I’ve read have.”
Giorga on GoodReads

“It’s a great piece of advice and inspiration for everyone who wants to embark on a journey. As well as full of practical tips from author who travelled in different regions of the world, it is written in a friendly and light tone that is pleasant to read. Where to stay/how to pack/ where to go for the first trip and how to meet people – it has got it all. I will definitely re-read it closer to the date of my coming travel to Asia.”
Yakov Pyatnitskov on GoodReads

Informative, funny and above all, inspiring. Bought my ticket to Thailand a few hours after I finished the last page.”
Floyd from USA

Topics Covered

Travel the World Without Worries is a comprehensive in-depth guide covering everything you need to know before and during your trip. Here is the complete table of contents:

1: The world is your oyster
Finding the time to travel
Dealing with life commitments
Trip financing: where there’s a will…
Is travel a wise investment?
Why you should travel independently
Overcoming your fears
Anything is possible… but it’s not always easy

2: Getting inspired
What is the purpose of your trip?
The case for developing countries
Round-the-world or overland
Great journeys of the world
Road trip or public transportation
Bucking the bucket list mentality

3: Financing your travel
Determining a budget
Saving up money
Working while travelling
Reducing your travel costs
Tracking your expenses

4: Finding your way
How to wing it with a plan
Staying flexible
Why your plans will change
Choosing the best time to travel
How to use travel guides
Online planning resources
Using word-of-mouth recommendations
Finding places to stay
Getting from point A to B
Dealing with visas
Making day-to-day decisions

5: Money-saving methods
Money-saving attitudes
Staying in hostels
Using the sharing economy
Finding cheap flights
Spending the night in transit
Saving money on cab fares
Saving money through haggling
Booking online versus offline
Reducing banking fees
Miscellaneous money saving tips
Thinking in averages

6: How to pack and travel light
The case for a smaller backpack
Finding the right backpack
The 100% essential items to bring
The pitfalls of packing lists
Packing your clothes
Suggested clothing list
Do I really need…?
Packing and organization tips
Digital devices

7: Personal safety and security
Finding your comfort level
How to read a safety advisory
Basic ways to stay safe
Travelling as a woman
Precautions against theft
Staying safe during activities
Digital security and backups

8: Buying travel insurance
Basic terminology explained
Before you buy travel insurance
Essential coverage
Additional types of coverage

9: Travel health
Getting your vaccinations
Malaria protection
Other health issues or annoyances
Food safety and hygiene
Getting medical assistance

10: Connecting with people
Who to travel with
Embracing the backpacker culture
The Universal Conversation Starter™
Getting along with other travellers
Hostel dorm etiquette
Respecting local cultures
Spending time with locals
Dealing with language barriers

11: How to travel solo
Why solo is my favourite way to travel
Solo is not the same as alone
How to enjoy being on your own
How to make friends
The downsides of solo travel
Getting through the first few days
What if you are very shy?

12: Coming back home
Keeping memories alive
Reverse culture shock
What’s next?


Can’t I just get this for free from blogs on the internet?
You can get basic travel tips from blogs, but this book gives you deeper and much more structured advice (along with an interwoven narrative) that will help you in ways you can’t get from reading blog posts.

What will I learn from this book?
The goal is to arm you with all the knowledge and resources you need to hit the ground running, and to leave you with a feeling of “hell yeah, let’s do this!”. You’ll learn how to create a realistic travel plan, save money for your trip, never spend more than you need to, pack lighter and smarter, stay safe, healthy, and happy, meet people if you’re traveling solo, improvise when needed, keep your spirits up when things go wrong (and know how to solve common problems), and — above all — leave no opportunities for adventure wasted on your next trip.

Is this only about going on very long trips?
Some parts deal specifically with traveling for many months on end (and nomadic travel), but you can use this book for trips of any length. If you’re not going to just stay in a resort or book an organized tour, but you want to have your own adventure, then this book is for you.

Why does the paperback cost more than some other paperbacks?
It’s self-published and gets printed on demand, which makes the material costs a little higher than for any mass-produced paperbacks. I’m confident you’ll get a ton of value from it!

Will the ebook work on my device?
You’ll get a PDF version, Mobi (Kindle) version, and ePub version. These will work with any ebook reader, tablet/phone, or PC. Normally all you have to do is just open the file. (If there are any hiccups, just send me an email and I’ll help.)

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✓ All your travel planning questions answered (even ones you didn’t yet know you had!)
✓ Get super stoked to travel

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