Note: commissioning of articles is on hold for the moment.

IMPORTANT: this is NOT for sponsored or guest posts.

Are you passionate and knowledgable about travel? And do you have professional writing experience?

Then we’d love to hear from you!

At Indie Traveller, we don’t ever assign articles. Instead, we prefer writers pitch us on their travel experiences and the topics they can cover. Our goal is to publish high-quality articles based on first-hand knowledge of travel destinations.



1. Excellent writing ability

We ideally work with professional freelance writers or experienced bloggers, or in some cases with expats/nomads who are based in the destination. Please mention your past work, your own blog, or writing portfolio. 

For an idea of the level of quality we’re looking for, please check out these past contributions as examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

2. Familiarity with the subject matter

Authentic first-hand knowledge is critical! We’re not looking for cookie cutter or rewritten content. We’re trying to select contributors based on their personal knowledge; the more you have it, the better.

So if you just breezed through, say, the usual sights in a city in a day, then your article might not be quite what we’re looking for. But if you spent a month there volunteering and know the place inside out, then we’d probably be way more excited to share your insights.

Of course, you don’t need to have lived in places to write about them, but we do love articles that offer more depth and context.

3. Only for countries we already cover

If a country is in our top menu bar then we’re open to articles about it. If not, we’re not ready for this country yet.

We’re most interested in practical travel guide-style content, not human interest stories or travel diaries.



Payment is via PayPal (or, if preferred, via Upwork).

Our standard rate is $0.07 per word.


Get in touch

As a reminder, we mostly work with experienced freelance writers or expats/locals/nomads with in-depth knowledge of a destination. We read every email but may not be able to give a personal response in every case.