Founded in 2013, Indie Traveller is a major travel blog receiving over 180,000 unique visitors a month.

Please note that I only work with external partners in a few specific ways.


Newsletter sponsoring

Yes, I can host your sponsored ad

Your message will be seen by over 12,000 of my most dedicated followers. Your ad can include an image, text, and call to action, and will be integrated organically in my site newsletter. It’s the perfect way to reach my most actively engaged audience! You can see an example of this ad format here featuring Tropicfeel.

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Media inquiries

Yes, I’m happy to be interviewed, help with any research questions, or to make a contribution to a collaborative post.

I always enjoy giving valuable input based on my traveling expertise. I’ve been quoted on major sites (Lonely Planet, Bloomberg News, Huffington Post), been a guest on podcasts, and have been featured on numerous travel sites. I’m of course happy to share the resulting piece via my own channels.

Feel free to drop me a line

I enjoy speaking about any travel-related topics! You can check out my most recent podcast appearance on the Kated Travel Podcast.


Travel gear reviews

Yes, I work with travel gear manufacturers.

While I don’t offer sponsored opportunities at this time, I do love to hear about your products or to receive samples to review. My ‘best travel backpacks’ page alone receives 40,000+ unique visitors a month as one of the top-ranked pages on this subject.

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Sponsored posts

Sorry, I don’t host any purely sponsored content or advertorials on the website. I also can’t add links to my resources page, publish guest posts, or share infographics. I’ve made a choice to focus on publishing in-house content only.


Working for your app/platform

Sorry, I can’t provide your travel app or platform with content, itineraries, etc. I just create content for my own blog. Thank you for understanding!


Appearances around the web

These are just some of the articles and interviews I’ve participated in:


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As a reminder, we don’t offer any sponsored post placements, guest posts, or other paid SEO or backlink opportunities at this time.

However, I’m always happy to contribute my knowledge, participate in collabs, or review your products if you’re a travel gear manufacturer.