Founded in 2013, Indie Traveller is a major travel blog receiving over 180,000 unique visitors a month.

Please note that I only work with external partners in a few specific ways. I do not provide any marketing or influencer services as I prefer to focus on producing my own content.

Sorry, I do not host sponsored or guests posts nor sell links for SEO purposes.


Media inquiries or collabs

Yes, I’m happy to be interviewed, help with any research questions, or make a contribution to a collaborative post.

I always enjoy giving valuable input based on my travel expertise. I’ve been quoted on major sites (Lonely Planet, Bloomberg News, Huffington Post), have been a guest on several podcasts, and have been featured on numerous travel sites.

Topics I’m always excited to talk about include adventure travel, offbeat destinations, digital nomadism, or running an online business. I’ll be happy to reciprocate with links or sharing via my channels.

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Travel gear reviews

Yes, I work with travel gear manufacturers.

I love to hear about your products or to receive samples to review. My ‘best travel backpacks’ page alone receives 40,000+ unique visitors a month as one of the top-ranked pages on this topic.

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Appearances around the web

These are just some of the articles and interviews I’ve participated in:


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As a reminder, we don’t offer any sponsored post placements, guest posts, or other paid SEO or backlink opportunities at this time.

However, I’m always happy to contribute my knowledge, participate in collabs, review your travel gear/luggage products, or work together in other mutually benefitial ways.