As more countries are opening up again for international tourism, you might find yourself cautiously dusting off their travel plans again — and maybe even wanting to make up for lost time. I definitely plan to!

If you’re also dreaming of exploring the world again, you’ll surely love listening to my appearance on the Kated Travel Podcast.

With the host, Stephen Bailey, I discuss what it took for me to make the jump into long-term travel, and how you can get over your fears and gain the confidence to travel far and wide, whether you’re new to traveling or just wanting to go to exotic destinations you’ve never been before.

We also talk about some of the very real challenges and obstacles you may face when setting off into parts unknown, as well as how to travel adventurously and discover special places even within countries that are well-known tourist destinations.

I had a great time with this conversation with Stephen and I think you’ll enjoy listening to my story, so head over to Kated for the full episode.

Make sure you subscribe to the podcast as well, which offers wonderful bite-size travel inspiration on destinations all over the world.

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