In this guide to the best neighborhoods for Airbnbs in Seville, I’ll tell you just where to stay in the city along with my suggestions for the best apartments. I’ve scoured Airbnb for the most charming places to book for your trip!

Seville is one of Spain’s most riveting cities, filled with sunny plazas lined with orange trees, traditional tapas bars with Flamenco music, and renowned Unesco World Heritage monuments. (Want to know more? Here are some of the best things to do in Seville.)

The Alcazar

Seville also has several distinct neighborhoods that are great to stay in, each with a different character.

If you’re looking to find the best Airbnbs in Seville, I can help you out! I stayed in Seville for six months and in four different areas, so I got to know the city very well. My extended time in Seville let me discover the city from many angles.

Without further ado, let me tell you about my four favorite neighborhoods in Seville and my top picks for Airbnb apartments in each area.

Airbnbs in Santa Cruz, Seville

Instead of staying in the commercial center of Seville, which is somewhat dominated by retail streets and a number of busy attractions, I recommend staying just outside the center (all of the areas mentioned here are about a 15 to 20 walk away — Seville is highly walkable!). The most obvious barrio to look first is Santa Cruz.

Santa Cruz is not only perfectly located between all the key tourist sights, but it’s also a really fun area to stay in. This former Jewish quarter of the medieval city is just a wonderful little maze of narrow streets. Exploring this neighborhood is a real delight, thanks to its hidden squares, churches, and alleyways.

Tip: reward yourself by going to the AIRE Ancient Baths which are in the middle of Santa Cruz. This incredible spa was built inside a Mudéjar-style palace and it’s quite the experience.


Airbnbs in Alfalfa, Seville

I like this neighborhood a lot as it’s in the tourist center but also has a local residential feel. I stayed in this area for two months while working remotely from Seville. I loved the little cafés around Alfalfa, the small squares with tapas bars, and the rooftop views of the cathedral.

Alfalfa is a great choice for finding an Area, especially if you like to be in an area that’s partly residential but still within walking distance of the cathedral, the Alcazar, and other key sights in Seville.

In the Calle Pérez Galdós you’ll find many bars that are open till late and it’s a fun little area to go out. There’s one bar that specializes in serving traditional sweet vermouth, which in Spain is often infused with botanicals such as cinnamon, cardamom, and even ginger. It’s something you have to try when you’re here!

Tip: Grab a coffee at the local art cafe Un Gato en Bicicleta (a cat on a bicycle). This lovely café was part of my daily routine for a while and I can’t recommend it enough. Alfalfa Bar does seem great tapas.


Airbnbs in Feria, Seville

This neighborhood is a bit further out north, requiring just a tad more walking. However, it will hugely reward those who like seeing some local life and being in a charming residential area. Compared to the main tourist area of Santa Cruz, the Airbnb prices are also a bit more budget-friendly here, so it’s a great area to look for deals!

Feria is just on the edge of the ‘tourist zone’. In fact, a real estate agent told me that just one block further north it’s no longer lucrative to run Airbnbs, so Feria is exactly between the outer modern city and the touristy inner city.

You’ll be spoiled for genuine local tapas places around here. Every Thursday the Calle Feria comes alive with a huge flea market. Plaza de Hercules also has lots of cool bars where young people go out, though it is mostly residential and quiet outside of this square, so you don’t have to worry about any noise.

Tip: you can sample all kinds of food at the Mercado de Feria, a food market that’s always buzzing with activity!


Airbnbs in Triana, Seville

This traditional neighborhood was once the home of sailors, bullfighters, Roma people, and many famed Flamenco dancers. It’s often overlooked simply because it’s just across the Guadalquivir river, but it’s actually just a 10-minute walk from the center. Triana has a lot of soul and I think it’s one of the best areas for finding Airbnbs in Seville.

Triana is in many ways one of the most characterful areas of Seville. Some of the buildings in Triana were once a corrale, or a communal home occupied mostly by Romani people, who all shared the same facilities and central patio. These days the buildings function as restaurants or bars, often still featuring the original beautifully tiled walls.

The Triana Market, located next to the bridge leading to the city center, is not to be missed. It’s built on the remains of an ancient castle, and it’s now a perfect place to shop or eat out.

Tip: Triana is the best area to find truly traditional Flamenco performances that are not put on for tourists. Scour the area at night and keep an eye on the little corner bars. The Flamenco usually doesn’t start until midnight.

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