The Ultimate Top 100 of Travel Instagram Accounts

October 30, 2017

Instagram has become the place to find stunning travel photos from travelers around the globe.

Sure–you can never capture the true experience of travelling in these postcard-like snaps. But I must confess that I love getting travel inspiration from Instagram in a way that’s completely visual.

If you happen to be looking for some amazing accounts to follow, then you’re in luck! I recently created a program that analysed hundreds of travel Instagram accounts in order to create a top 100 ranking.

You can read more about how I created the list further below. It showcases both some of the biggest accounts out there, but also some newer ones that are posting stunning travel photography from exotic locations around the world.

Check out this graphic showing the top 10, or you can jump straight to the full Top 100 list of travel Instagram accounts.


Top 100 Travel Instagrammers infographic

Click here for the full list


How I made the list

I started putting together a blog post to highlight a few accounts I personally liked, but then I got the idea to do a much bigger top 100.

There are a few shorter lists of travel Instagrammers out there but they are usually based purely on how many followers they get. As any social media expert can tell you, the follow numbers don’t always tell you the full story! So I thought it’d be cool to make a list that takes various different things into account.

And so I made a tool that analyses hundreds of travel accounts. It looks at how active they are, how people are engaging with the photos, and—yes—also how many followers they have. The algorithm discourages some of the common cheating tactics used to boost accounts on Instagram. It’s not perfect in this regard, but it’s designed to reward those who have achieved genuine popularity.

I had to manually enter accounts into this analysis app so it’s very possible I missed someone! If so, let me know at [email protected] and I’ll add it for a future update. 🙂

I wanted to showcase only individuals and couples, so I took out any companies, brands, and group accounts.


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