I just came back from backpacking in Cuba for 2 weeks. Travelling there was not without its challenges, but seeing just a little bit of what life is like in Cuba makes the challenges absolutely worth it! Here are some of my favorite pics from my trip.

Strong contrasts in Havana, where only some buildings have been well-maintained

Outside of Cuba these kind of old-timer cars would normally be reserved only for events like weddings . In Cuba, you’ll see them everywhere…

Miltary posing for a group picture in front of the Museo de Revolucion

National Capitol Building in Havana

In Vinales, west of Havana

We met this friendly tobacco farmer outside Vinales. He shared some of his rum with us.

Another farmer smashing some coffee beans

A mural in Old Havana

Ranchers near Vinales

Met this little piggy on our trek around Vinales

Children playing in Old Havana

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