October 12, 2022

8 Best Hostels in Bogota, Colombia

Skip the chore of choosing your hostel by booking any of these top picks

October 12, 2022

Backpacking Colombia: Routes, Hostels & Budget Tips

Everything I learned from my 3 months of backpacking in Colombia

October 11, 2022

Is Colombia Actually Safe To Travel?

Forget the scaremongering. Here are some down to Earth tips on how to stay safe in Colombia

October 11, 2022

Colombia Ecotourism: 7 Amazing Nature Experiences

Top places for sustainable ecotourism + the local tour companies to use

September 21, 2022

21 Unobvious Things To Do In Lisbon

In Lisbon for a while? Then dig a bit deeper and find these hidden gems in Lisbon

September 14, 2022

A Backpacker’s Travel Guide to Croatia

Travel tips & top places to visit on a Croatia backpacking itinerary

August 22, 2022

Guide To Colombia’s Pacific Coast (Chocó & Bahía Solano)

Rainswept, remote, and unreachable by road, it's one of Colombia's most rewarding regions

August 18, 2022

Salento Is Overcrowded… But Here Are 3 Secret Alternatives

There are other places besides Cocora Valley where you can see the famed wax palm trees

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