In this guide to the best neighborhoods for Airbnb in Lisbon, I’ll tell you just where to stay in the city along with some suggestions for best Airbnbs. I’ve scoured Airbnb for the most charming apartments to book for your trip!

Lisbon is easily one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals, owing to its old center situated along 7 hills, and the colorful building style using azulejo tiles — the use of which can be traced back to the Moorish conquests of the 13th century.

Airbnb is a regulated activity in Lisbon. The number of Airbnbs has been capped in the central historical areas to maintain a balanced housing situation.

That said, I’m excluding here the neighborhood of Alfama, which was (before the pandemic) quite overwhelmed by Airbnb activity. While there are other better areas to stay, I definitely recommend getting lost in the windy streets of Alfama and finding a fado music performance there.

One of the best things about Airbnb is that you can stay in a local neighborhood, away from where most of the big hotels are, and truly get a sense of the city. The following areas are all among the best for finding Airbnbs in Lisbon.

Estrela Airbnbs in Lisbon

Estrela is a gorgeous neighborhood just west of the tourist center, just 10 minutes away on the famous Tram 28. The area is home to many embassies and is centered around the stunning Basilica of Estrela and the Estrela Park.

Staying here gives you a chance to be in a local area of Lisbon with many historical buildings while still being a stone’s throw away from the old center. I used to live in Estrela myself and it always has a firm place in my heart!


Principe Real Airbnbs in Lisbon

Principe Real is in the northwest corner of the tourist center. What I love about Principe Real the most are the incredible views. From its hilltop location, you can see all of Lisbon in every direction.

Don’t miss the magical Jardim Botânico de Lisboa, the Principe Real garden, or the bar known as Pavilhão Chinês which is filled with crazy decorations. The area is known as a liberal one and is Lisbon’s de facto gay district as well. To shop for some great Portuguese boutique brands, go to the Embaixada, which has a collection of stores in a beautiful 19th-century building.



Barrio Alto Airbnbs in Lisbon

Barrio Alto is very much the party district of Lisbon, where in normal times people spill out from the many little bars out onto the streets until as late as 4 a.m. During the day, however, you wouldn’t know it’s actually the nightlife area, as it’s very quiet and peaceful.

I stayed in Barrio Alto myself for a month and it’s a great spot to be based for having easy access to all the sights, and easy access to the nightlife as well. If you come here in June, Barrio Alto will be one of the key sites during the annual Festas, and colorful bunting can be seen hanging over all the streets.


Baixa & Chiado Airbnbs in Lisbon

Baixa and Chiado are the two most central areas in this list, both a stone’s throw from the Praça do Comércio main square of Lisbon. Baixa is the only part of central Lisbon that has a grid layout, having been rebuilt after the Great Earthquake of 1755. Chiado meanwhile is the adjacent neighborhood on the hill, known as an upscale area with many boutique shops and fine dining.

By staying here you’ll be strategically located near many of the key tourist sites, as well as multiple connections to the Metro system, trams, and local trains.


Graça Airbnbs in Lisbon

The Graça area is one of Lisbon’s oldest. Situated on top of one of Lisbon’s 7 hills, it gives you stunning views of the old center as well as the Sao Jorge castle. Although Graça is a bit of an island on top of the hills, public elevators easily let you reach the top.

At the foothills of Graça is also Arroios, an area which Time Out Magazine recently called one of the 10 coolest neighborhoods in the world. That’s maybe overstating it a little, but there is no doubt that Arroios has seen incredible revitalization in the last decade or so, and it’s now arguably central Lisbon’s most multicultural and vibrant area. In Arroios, don’t miss the small Intendente square, once an area of prostitution but nowadays filled with hip restaurants, as well as Restaurant Ramiro, a seafood place once made famous by Anthony Bourdain.



Alcântara Airbnbs in Lisbon

Alcântara is an up-and-coming neighborhood that’s right at the base of the 25th of April bridge. You can get a real feel for local life here, but equally, you’re in the perfect place to explore the LXfactory hipster area, where you can sample Portuguese craft beers, stroll the market, or have cocktails on the rooftop overlooking the river.

It’s about a 15-minute tram journey into the tourist center, or a 10-minute journey the other way to Belém, which is Lisbon’s riverside museum quarter. Don’t miss the Pilar 7 Bridge Experience, letting you learn about the history of the 25th of April Bridge and stand on a transparent platform on top of it.

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