Investing in some GoPro accessories will hugely increase the capabilities of your camera. GoPro is really as much about the whole ecosystem of accessories as it is about the camera itself.

The following GoPro add-ons are recommended for active travellers looking to capture their trip in the best possible way. I’ll highlight some third-party accessories that are cheaper than the official GoPro ones, but which let you achieve the same things.

Quick Overview: My Favorite GoPro Accessories for Travel

Extra GoPro batteries

Must Have!

  • Charges two batteries at once
  • Get longer battery life!
Waterproof selfie stick
  • Sturdy enough to withstand extreme activities
  • Twist locking system
Gorillapod tripod for GoPro
  • Precise control with integrated ballhead
  • Equipped with two quick-release clips
Floatie or bobber grip
  • Floating hand grip
  • Ideal for snorkeling
  • High-visibility
GoPro accessories starter kit

Best bang for your buck

  • All in one GoPro kit
  • Easy to carry around as everything fits in the one bag

1. Extra GoPro batteries

If you buy just one GoPro accessory, make sure it’s a spare battery!

Your GoPro can run out of juice quickly, especially if you shoot a lot of video—not to mention that travelling can put you out of range of an electric socket for some time.

Gopro’s own batteries are pricey, but I’ve used off-brand batteries by Wasabi (for both my GoPro and my SLR), which are less than half the price and just as good. They also come with a USB-powered charger than can charge two batteries at once.

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2. Waterproof selfie stick

A monopod is an essential tool in your GoPro tool belt—as it can be used for so more than just your regular old camera-facing selfies.

It lets you reach higher vantage points, film yourself from more natural sideways angles, take group pictures, film over ledges and cliffs, or do crazy up-close shots. I’ve used my GoPro selfie stick to film sharks and turtles up-close while scuba diving, or to hold my GoPro just above the road while driving for an amazing frog’s eye view.

Don’t skimp on your selfie stick! Get a good one. I used a crappy one at first (which came with a cheap GoPro accessories kit) and a broken plastic hinge almost made me lose my GoPro to the depths of the Indian Ocean.

I like the GoRad selfie stick which is made of aluminium (i.e. ultralight and waterproof) and extends up to 40 inches / 100 cm.

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3. Gorillapod tripod for GoPro

The super versatile Gorillapod Action lets you mount your GoPro on just about anything (but without needing suction pads and the like). It’s awesome for timed self portraits, group photos, or setting up timelapses. At 300 grams, it weighs very little and can easily fit in a daypack.

The Gorillapod Action can also connect to your compact or SLR camera, and this versatility makes it my preferred GoPro tripod for travel.

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4. 3-Way GoPro Tripod

While I opted for a GorillaPod myself, this 3-way tripod is another versatile GoPro travel accessory that you may well prefer.

It can function as a camera grip or tripod. The 3-way can even double, albeit awkwardly, as a kind of selfie stick. While 3rd party accessories are often cheaper, in this case I recommend the official GoPro version as it has a nifty design where the tripod legs are stored inside the grip.

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5. Floatie or bobber grip

Get this if you expect to be anywhere near the water and are not getting any other attachments. It costs just $7 and makes it so much harder for you to lose your GoPro as it prevents it from just sinking like a brick!

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6. GoPro remote controller

If you have the latest GoPro HERO5, you can use voice commands to control it remotely. Still, this function can be awkward to use, and you may want to get a remote control for this instead.

If you don’t have this accessory you can still set your GoPro to timelapse mode, letting it take photos continuously in the hopes that one of them will be good. Of course, that’s not nearly as good as self-timing your shots using a remote.

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7. GoPro Gimbal

Serious videographers will be interested to use a gimbal, which stabilises your shots, making it almost seem like they were shot with a professional Steadicam. It’s a great way of isolating movements and giving your shots an unbelievably cinematic feel.

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8. FLIP Dive Filters

This is admittedly a specialised GoPro accessory, but I highly recommend it for any scuba divers serious about underwater videography. As you may know, color intensity degrades the deeper you dive, with reds and yellows being the first colors to disappear.

The FLIP system lets you rebalance the colors, avoiding blue- or green-tinted footage. It’s very challenging to fix this in post-production, but with the FLIP you get beautiful color rich results right off the bat.

Beware that cheap Chinese knock-off solutions are often problematic: I’ve met other divers who used these and who ended up with unusable blood-red results. The FLIP uses a specific color grade and translucency designed to enhance the image at two different depth levels.

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9. GoPro accessories starter kit

A miscellaneous GoPro accessories kit can be a quick way to gain a lot of possibilities for your GoPro. Bigger items, like selfie sticks or tripods, are not that great though (keep in mind they’re produced on the ultra cheap!). However, you’ll probably find the harnesses, head straps, suction mounts, and so on, perfectly usable.

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10. GoPro accessories travel case

Your GoPro accessories can accumulate quickly — at home I’ve had a whole tupperware box full of them.

A travel case lets you keep all those little items properly organized. I like this soft shell case with elastic storage straps, as it is more versatile than hard shell cases with compartments only for specific items which may or may not fit the ones you have.

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