Central America

Destination: Mexico

Get ready for one big burrito of ancient history, incredible cuisine, stunning beaches and colorful cities

September 21, 2023

What To Do In Mexico City: 28 Things You Can’t Miss

A guide to best things to do, top excursions, and cuisine of Mexico's capital known as CDMX

September 19, 2023

Bacalar Travel Guide: Tips + 7 Best Things To Do

Discover this relaxed lagoon-side town — a lesser-known gem in the Yucatan Peninsula

July 31, 2023

What To Do In Mérida: Travel Guide + The 7 Best Sights

The best sights and attractions in Merida — plus our recommendations for day trips in the region

July 30, 2023

Guanajuato Travel Guide — With 18 Best Things To Do

In this Guanajuato travel guide, we'll show all the best sights in the colorful and walkable city

July 24, 2023

Is Mexico City Worth Visiting? (Here’s What To Expect)

Some honest impressions to help you decide whether or not Mexico City is worth the visit...

July 18, 2023

1 Week in Mexico City Itinerary

A week is the perfect time to better know CDMX. Use this as a template to plan your stay...

July 18, 2023

Mexico Itineraries: How To Choose YOUR Best Travel Route

These varied travel routes in Mexico are sure to give you an amazing experience

July 12, 2023

Guide To Peña de Bernal & Hiking Its Mighty Monolith

Tips for the town and for summiting this unusually pointy peak near Queretaro

July 3, 2023

Morelia, Mexico: Why Visit + The 11 Best Things To Do

The friendly capital of Michoacan will reward you with its walkable and beautiful historical center

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