Places to Visit in Portugal

January 11, 2017

Tucked away in the continent’s most southwestern corner, Portugal is a conveniently compact travel destination offering a variety of landscapes, gorgeous historical cities, a charming and low-key vibe, and delicious seafood and wine—not to mention some excellent beaches.

Portugal has recently re-emerged as a hot travel destination. Not only does it have a lot to offer, it’s a relatively inexpensive country. If you’re looking to travel somewhere cheap in Europe that isn’t in the east, Portugal is your best bet!

I’m currently in Portugal and will be adding more to this page as I travel. Right now, this page serves mainly as a jumping-off point for my other blog posts.

Where to go in Portugal


Portugal’s capital of Lisbon is an amazing city break destination, but also a must-visit on any larger Portugal trip.

my in-depth Lisbon city guide »


The second largest city Porto is situated in the northern Douro wine region. The city is a little grungier but, so the residents claim, it’s also much more down-to-earth. It’s a great city to spend a couple of days.

10 cool things to do in Porto »


Coming soon


Coming soon


Travelling here in March 2017

And more… 

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