Adventure Underwear: Perfect Travel Hack Or Waste Of Money?

June 24, 2014

Chris of Lessons Learned Abroad tests these unique made-for-travellers boxer briefs.

A place to put your valuables. Photo: Adventure Underwear

Adventure Underwear. It may sound like a product from a late-night infomercial, but I assure you it’s something far more useful to the budget backpacker.

Having meandered around the world a few times I have become fed up with uncomfortable—and blatantly visible—money belts, with hiding cash in my socks, and with worrying about my passport when I’m at the beach. I’ve found these to be common concerns that many backpackers share, and so I searched for a solution.

This is where Adventure Underwear comes in. Simply put, it’s a pair of boxer briefs that have two secret pockets—one unsealed for quick access and one that is sealable and waterproof. Unconventional? Definitely. Worth investigating? For the curious travel hacker, of course.


For seven days I kept my passport, keys, and some cash in the hidden pockets. I wore them walking, running, cycling, working, driving, sleeping, and showering—typical activities done by your average backpacker. I even washed them by hand in the shower! What I didn’t do was take them base jumping or spelunking, nor did I wrestle any bears or rabid beasts in them. I did average activities for an average backpacker in hopes of giving them an accurate trial. Only one question remains, now: are they actually worth purchasing? Let’s consider:

The Good

  • Light weight and quick dry: necessary qualities for the ever-wandering traveller.
  • Safely conceals your passport/valuables in a waterproof pocket.
  • Provides peace of mind: you will never worry about your valuables, regardless of whether you are at the beach, in the jungle, or on the city streets.
  • Held off odours quite well, even after a day toiling on a farm.

The Bad

  • Hard to access discretely: you have to reach into your underwear every time you want something. Social awkwardness may ensue.
  • The thin material may be prone to tearing.
  • Only available for men (though they could easily be worn by any gender)

The Ugly

  • At $50 a pair, their affordability may be a concern for the budget traveller.

Knowing what I know now would I recommend them to other backpackers as a worthy travel hack? I would. Even though I noticed a tear in my pair, they are still worth investigating on your own. The founder of the company was happy contact me directly and immediately mail two replacement pairs, which says something about their commitment to customer service.

Of course, those with a DIY mentality and the requisite skills could make their own travel underwear and save the $50. For the rest of us, though, they may be a worthwhile purchase; fifty bucks isn’t a lot to pay for greater security and peace of mind. At the very least they will make a great conversation piece… and sometimes that’s all you need.

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About the author

Chris is the less-attractive half the the backpacking couple from Lessons Learned Abroad. Straight edge, vegan, buddhist, and balding, he is presently roaming the globe on a budget with his partner Christine in search of adventure, vegan snacks, and the art of being human. For backpacking advice, calamitous tales, and philosophical reflections on the world of travel you can check our their blog or find them on Facebook.

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