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December 22, 2022

Best Travel Laptops Buyer’s Guide (For 2023)

These are our top tips — from lightweight budget travel laptops to ultrabook workhorses

December 2, 2022

Best Laptops For Remote Work (And Digital Nomads)

A 2023 guide to the best digital nomad laptops will let you easily work from anywhere

November 25, 2022

Best Travel Backpack Buyer’s Guide (For 2023)

Here are some of the top backpacks, whether you're a backpacker, nomad, or carry-on traveler

November 18, 2022

Best Everyday Backpacks & Daypacks

These everyday backpacks will easily get you through the day — or fit enough for a short trip

November 17, 2022

New Osprey Farpoint 55 Review (2022 Edition)

An in-depth and hands-on review after taking the newest version on a backpacking trip

July 4, 2022

Tropicfeel Nest Review

Tropicfeel's everyday backpack is surprisingly versatile and expandable

June 18, 2022

Best Backpacks For Travelling South America

For a continent with many climates and travel situations, these packs will serve you best

April 20, 2022

GoPro Review: Is It A Good Travel Camera?

It’s not just for filming extreme sports — but what’s GoPro really like as an everyday camera?

January 10, 2022

Peak Design Everyday Sling 6L + 10L V2 Review

A stylish and practical camera bag that also works as a good travel daypack

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