It’s funny how your perception of age changes as you age. I did my first solo trip to another continent back when I was 17 — and at the time, I would have probably thought that 39 is suuuper old.

Now that I’m 39 I don’t actually think I’m old. I just think I’m “normal/average age”. Ha!

Nevertheless, I’m often reminded that the way I travel at 39 is different than when I was younger, like when I was 17 on my first big solo adventure or when I was backpacking in my twenties.

On a morning hike on my recent Colombia trip, I recorded a few thoughts on how things are different exactly. But many aspects of my travels also haven’t changed nearly as much as I would have thought.

Whether you’re older or younger than I am, I think there are a few things everyone can recognize…

Check the video below:

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