If there’s one place I can’t stop raving about it’s the Pacific coast of Colombia.

It’s remote and can’t be reached by roads — the propellor flight there is an attraction in itself. When you get there, you truly find yourself in one of the wildest, most authentic, and (it must be said) most rainswept places in South America.

It truly takes just 15 minutes to see your first humpback whale… and then you see they’re absolutely everywhere. There are monkeys swinging from the trees, marlin fish and rays jumping out the water, and I was even lucky to see baby turtles released at the beach.

While you honestly shouldn’t go to Colombia’s pacific coast for a sunny tropical beach holiday, as it’s literally one of the rainiest places on Earth, it’s an incredible place for adventure.

In this latest vlog, I give you a taste of what it’s like:

By the way, this is my first-ever documentary-style vlog. I’m still learning video editing, but if you enjoy this type of content I would love to have you along as a subscriber!

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