Planning Your Trip

Planning essentials

Travel planning is all about two things: “where” and “how”. While you can change your plans on the go, it’s good to have some specific places and routes already in mind. But… just as important as deciding where to go is having the right knowledge and preparation to make the most of your adventure.

Finding cheap flights

Let me help you plan your trip

The posts here are just the tip of the iceberg. I wrote a book called Travel the World Without Worries which goes into far more depth than any blog post can — and it also gets much more personal. Readers have called it “extremely informative, funny and above all, inspiring”, and “the single most helpful resource for planning a trip” that “obliterates your fears and struggles and turns them into pure excitement”. Find Out More.

Finding places to stay

Travelling is as much about where you’re staying as where you’re going. Use my tips to find places that are both cheap and charming…

Travel insurance

Take it from someone who’s travelled a lot: it’s definitely worth getting travel insurance. I share with you some pro tips on what (and what not!) to look for in your insurance policy.

The art of traveling


Comprehensive advice on budgeting and saving money can be found in my book, though I also maintain several annually updated posts with travel costs for specific destinations.

Packing & gear

You can find much more about this topic on my dedicated packing and travel gear page.

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