May 22, 2023

What Is The Latin America Gringo Trail? (Tips + Travel Guide)

The Latin America Gringo Trail is the quintessential backpacking route taking you through some of the continent’s most amazing countries From...

December 2, 2022

Do You Need Spanish To Travel In Latin America? (5 Key Tips)

English is so commonly spoken around the world that you'd almost get complacent But if you expect it to be easy getting around with just English in...

November 15, 2022

6 Cheapest Countries to Travel in South America

Traveling does not always have to cost an arm and leg While it certainly doesn't come cheap all of the time, it's possible to travel on a budget and...

December 11, 2021

Cost Of Travel In South America (Backpacking Or Budget Style)

Is South America an amazing continent to travel on a budget YES! But is every country super cheap Hmm not exactly As I experienced while...

March 27, 2014

The Must-Try Tropical Fruits of Latin America

One of the delights of travelling in tropical countries is the sheer abundance, variety and quality of tropical fruits! Some staple fruits taste...

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