Packing & Gear

I love to improvise when I’m on the road but when it comes to packing my gear I know you get just one chance to get it right.

Even if your only aim is for the horizon, it always pays to pack properly before your trip begins…

How to pack

Packing can be a stressful experience. Sure, everyone tells you not to overpack, but you can still end up needlessly hoarding travel gadgets for every possible scenario or filling your bag with way more clothes than you’ll actually use.

Long packing lists can trick you into packing too much. Instead, I wrote several posts that will help you pack minimally and efficiently.

Tech & travel gear guides

My guides help you find the right travel gear and prepare your digital devices for life on the road.

My best travel advice

My posts here are just the tip of the iceberg. I wrote a book called Travel the World Without Worries which goes into far more depth than any blog post can — and it gets much more personal. Readers have called it “extremely informative, funny and above all, inspiring”, and “the single most helpful resource for planning a trip” that “obliterates your fears and struggles and turns them into pure excitement”. Buy the book today to get the most out of your next adventure! Find Out More.

Product reviews

I regularly test travel gear such as backpacks and portable devices. All my reviews are 100% independent and never sponsored. I’ve labeled some of my personal favorites below.



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