Crawling Through Body-Size Crevices On A Caving Adventure

November 10, 2012

You’ll get completely soaked, covered in dirt, bruised and scratched. And it’s so much fun. I’ve discovered a love for caving.

Starting at the Cave Lodge in Soppong, northern Thailand, I went on a little day-long expedition to see some of the caves in the area. We got to explore a whole series of caves with names like the Fossil Cave, Waterfall Cave and the Christmas Cave. All of these are undeveloped and reachable only by hiking through fields and jungles, sometimes climbing through secret passages to reach the entrance.

The second cave we went into was particularly adventurous. It had a stream running through it, and we swam through body-sized crevices and tunnels with just our eyes and mouths peeking out of water. This is definitely not for the claustrophobic. Upon seeing the first narrow passage one woman in our group nearly got a panic attack, but we talked her through it, and she courageously made it all the way to the end of the cave, which is where the water suddenly drops into a magnificent waterfall.

Our guide was the 60-year-old Mr. Wat, who like some kind of Jedi master managed to zip through the caves on what must be the least suitable footwear: old worn out leather sandals with no bottom profile left to speak of.

Most of the photos are from the hike as I didn’t want to take my camera into the caves, but there’s a couple of nice spelunking shots in there. Some of the pics are courtesy of the lovely Taryn from Arizona. (Thanks Taryn!)

If you want to have a caving experience in northern Thailand, there’s a lot of information to be found on the Cave Lodge website. There’s definitely something great about exploring these mysterious places.

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  1. sgt sid Reply June 18, 2015 at 8:19 am

    ahhh soppong/pang mapha. was there a little over two weeks ago and I definitely love the place. a very good break for some peace and quiet, but not lacking activities for the adventurous! we explored 5 caves while there (I also happen to have the same photo on the bamboo ladder as you, how long did it take to get rid of the bees?!) and trekked to a karin village. our main purpose of going there is for river kayaking but sadly the water level is low during our stay. and I agree with you, cave lodge is superb! met a lot of really cool people there.

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