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The World’s Tallest Palm Trees: Surreal And Unbelievable

A strange place in Colombia where palm trees grow up to 60m (200ft) tall.

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The Must-Try Tropical Fruits of Latin America

Eat this weird and delicious stuff.

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Visiting The Cute Village Of Guatape (And Its Famous Big Rock)

This strange monolith once worshiped by locals makes for a fun day-trip from Medellin, Colombia.

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The Medellin City Tour That Nearly Brought Me To Tears

Learning about Colombia’s dark past in its most exciting and rejuvenated city.

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Hiking Past Indigenous Tribes To Reach Colombia’s Lost City

A 5-day trek to forgotten ancient ruins, meeting the indigenous Kogi tribes along the way.

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A Colombian Delicacy: Giant Fat-Bottomed Ants


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Once A Drug Cartel Mansion, Now A Backpacker Hostel

The building’s new owners eventually realized what they’d bought… and then found all the secret hiding places.

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Feeling Weightless in a Mud Volcano Bath

So here I am about to dive into a mud-oozing mini-volcano…

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Colombia Travel Guide & Top Places to Visit

Yes, it’s safe! Colombia is a country with enormous geographical diversity, friendly people and a fascinating culture.

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