Book release: Travel the World Without Worries

100% off my new book, for a limited time!

To celebrate the release of Travel the World Without Worries, my in-depth 272-page guide to long-term independent travel that’s now in its new second edition, I thought I’d run a special promotion just for the Reddit community. For a limited time only, you can get the digital versions of the book for free by clicking the button below. At check-out enter the coupon code “REDDITOR”. This promotion will expire in 5 days.

UPDATE: the promo period has now ended. Sorry if you missed the chance to get the book for free! I’m keeping the above coupon code active for a while though giving you a 20% discount.

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I wrote this book after travelling the world for 2 years, and it incorporates all of the lessons I’ve learned as well as many of the tips shared with me by other travellers I’ve met. I hope you enjoy it!


How you can give back 🙂

The book is totally on the house as I’m just trying to spread the word about this thing. But if you enjoyed it there are a few things you could do that would absolutely make my day:

  • You could write your honest review on Amazon (US product page or UK/European page) or on the Apple iBook Store. Reviews are a BIG deal. The more reviews, the more other people will trust that this is a worthwhile read.
  • Tell other people about the book! (Also, if you happen to be a travel blogger or author, I’d love to get your endorsement. I can link back to your site in exchange.)
  • You can still buy a paid copy, if you’d like! The book is available digitally and also in paperback edition that’s printed on demand.

The book and this blog are really just a hobby-with-benefits that might contribute to funding some more future travels. I’d be super grateful for any way you can help spread the word. And if you have feedback on the book, I’d love to hear it—you can email me or leave a comment below! ❤️️


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