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Indie Traveller is aimed at travellers looking for exciting experiences around the world on a regular person’s budget. My blog began as many do with a focus on backpacking and round-the-world travel, though this has gradually widened to include ecotourism, independent travel, adventure travel, and cultural travel.

In addition to covering destinations around the world I also regularly review travel gear and travel services here and on my growing YouTube channel.

You’ll find more info about my blog’s reach further down the page. I also have a Media Kit that I can send on request.





A quick guide to getting in touch

I get a lot of e-mail every day, 99% of which isn’t in any way relevant. Since I’m a one-man-band, I can be a little more honest about what sort of inquiries are likely to produce a result. I apologize in advance.

You want a quote or article contribution

Great, I love to do these! I’m happy to respond to media requests—I’ve been previously featured on Huffington Post and Bloomberg News, among others. I’m also happy to contribute to content marketing pieces in exchange for a backlink to my site. I usually share or link to these articles in return. Feel free to get in touch.

You want me to review your travel gear

I regularly review items like backpacks and portable electronics. If you have a sample of a cool travel product for me to review, then I’d love to know!

You want to promote a destination

Cool! I occasionally work with tourism boards to inform my readers of interesting places to travel. I’m open to FAM trips that are either personalised itineraries or in very small groups.

I know that destination marketers place incredible importance on social media, but I don’t buy fake followers and engagement like everyone else does. Please keep this in mind.

I’m a professional writer, and I like to cover places and experiences in ways that generate value for many years to come. If you’re happy to get genuine engagement and exposure, let’s talk!

Some previous partners:

You have a new travel planning app or social platform

I don’t care and I can’t help you. (Sorry.)

I get e-mails about startups in this space every week, and they’re never more specific than wanting to “work together” in some vague and mysterious way. And no, I don’t want to do the dirty work of filling your platform with content without getting paid anything for it… please be reasonable.

You want to send me 5 automated reminders

Go away. This practice needs to stop. You’re not respectful to my inbox.

You want to send me an infographic

FYI, I have a gmail filter set to delete any infographics. I know literally zero travel blogs that post infographics.

You think disingenuous flattery is a good idea

I’m sick of marketers pretending they’ve been reading my blog for years or were super inspired by [INSERT ARTICLE HERE]. This stuff can go on for entire paragraphs. Please get to the point.

You see a genuine way for us to work together

Then I’d love to hear from you. And if your communication is transparent, to the point, and respectful, I will think very highly of you and your company! Thank you. 🙌 👊


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How We Can Work Together

Collaborative Posts

I’m happy to contribute to collaborative posts or content marketing pieces.

Complimentary Experience

In exchange for letting me experience an activity/tour I can provide blog and social media coverage.


I am open to longer-term mutually beneficial affiliations through which I promote brands or services through my blog.

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