5 Reasons You Should Get My In-Depth Guide To Budget Travel

August 19, 2015

Travel the World Without Worries is the one travel guidebook you should buy! Here’s why…

I’m very proud to say the second edition of my book, Travel the World Without Worries, has just released! Whether you plan to go away for 4 weeks, 6 months, or 2 years, this book will help you prepare for your life on the road. Here are 5 reasons why you should get your copy today:

1. It lets you travel with confidence

I remember what it was like when I was planning my first-ever backpacking trip a few years ago. The idea of going to Southeast Asia had me very excited, but I also had no idea how any of this worked. Whether it was figuring out what to pack, or where to go, or just simple questions like “how will I find a place to sleep every night?”, it all felt very daunting. Not to mention my lingering fears about safety, travelling solo, or even health issues like malaria. I very quickly went from thinking, “Yeah! Let’s do this!” to “Aaaaahhhhhhh! What have I gotten myself into?!?”

Several years later, I essentially wrote the book I wished I had back then. Travel the World Without Worries will save you countless headaches, with step-by-step advice that lets you cut through that confusing maze of pre-trip preparation and get to the fun part of travelling faster. While you will no doubt still feel a sense of nervous excitement when you get on that flight to your chosen destination, you can be sure you will have thought of everything.

2. It will save you tons of money

Don’t believe anyone who tells you that you can travel the world for free without any kind of catch, or that you can somehow ‘hack the system’ or use ‘secret loopholes to travel for free’. Unfortunately, this is all just marketing nonsense. Things like loyalty programs and credit card rewards require you to spend LOTS of money before you can get any worthwhile discounts. Don’t believe the snake oil salesmen who claim otherwise.

But the good news is that it is possible to make dramatic savings by travelling just a little bit smarter. Sustaining long-term travel, or travelling to more distant or expensive places, isn’t about knowing ‘secrets’, it’s about maintaining good habits and being just a little bit savvier than everyone else. My book will teach you how to make a realistic budget for your trip, how to save up money for your travel fund, and how to make substantial savings on accommodation, food, tours and airfare. With my advice, you will be able to be much more strategic with your spending, and continuously find better deals that will truly maximize your bang for your buck. By learning about these budget travel techniques now, you will avoid ever spending more than you really have to.

3. It covers the human aspects of travel

While the practical steps of trip preparation are incredibly important, the human aspects that you’ll have to deal with during your trip are even doubly so.

For instance, how will you maintain a healthy team spirit when you spend every hour of the day together with your travel buddy? How will you improvise your plans when needed and deal with important decisions? If you’re travelling solo, how do you get into a mind-set where you’re meeting people easily? And how will you navigate the many language barriers and cultural differences you’ll encounter on a daily basis?

These issues really cut to the heart of what makes travel both exciting and rewarding. My book will boost your travel “soft skills”, helping you deal with travel adversities with greater ease, and ensuring you’ll have fruitful interactions with locals, your travel buddies, and other travellers you meet along the way.

4. It’s the best pre-trip guide you can buy

I want you to know this is not just the kind of flimsy pamphlet that usually gets pushed by bloggers: this is, well, a legit book. Seriously, too much love went into this product! We’re talking 272 pages, all professionally edited, with a beautiful interior layout, fully revised in its 2nd edition, and as comprehensive as it could possibly be. This book will go further and deeper into every topic than you could ever get from just reading blog posts or listicles.

5. And finally: it will make you excited about travelling

Travel isn’t just about ticking things off a checklist. Travel the World Without Worries covers all the practical aspects of travel without robbing it of its romance. It’s a fun read with countless real anecdotes that are both helpful and entertaining. By the end of the book, I guarantee you’ll be having itchy feet!

Buy your copy of the book now!

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  1. Graham Miller Reply May 1, 2017 at 7:12 am


    I am planning a long term travel adventure starting in Europe and then heading to sout east asia. I am loving your advice and tips!

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