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South Africa Backpacking Guide

Travel tips, highlights, costs and more for travelling the Cape Town to Johannesberg route.

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Why South Africa’s Baz Bus is Simply Terrible

The backpacker bus is slow, inflexible, and expensive—and you’re much better off self-driving

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Shark Diving (Without a Cage) at Protea Banks

Out in the open sea, I got worryingly intimate with a group of hungry sharks…

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The Raw Beauty of South Africa’s Wild Coast

Goats on the road, horses on the beach, and snakes on the trails — this is South Africa’s wild side.

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A Town Called Wilderness on South Africa’s Garden Route

In Wilderness I went into the wilderness, and met a man who had lived in a cave for 10 years…

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3 Days in Cape Town

How I spent my time in Cape Town, kicking off my 3 week trip in South Africa.

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